Nigeria Must Fix Trust Deficit To Attract Foreign Investments – Pearly Bleuwaters International Boss

Inspite of efforts made by the private and public sectors in Nigeria, to accelerate ease of doing business in the country, the trust deficit wound existing between foreign investors and their Nigerian counterparts, continues to fester and all hands must be on deck to fix this deficit if the right quality and quantum foreign direct investments(FDIs)will be attracted into the economy, and the ICT industry is primed to lead this effort.

The chief executive officer(CEO) of Pearly Bleuwaters International Limited, BENJAMIN VICTOR OSHODIN said this in an interactive session with ICT journalists, held yesterday, at the Secretariat of the Nigeria Computer Society (NCS) in Lagos, south west Nigeria, at the instance of Nigerian Information Technology Reporters Association (NITRA) as a part of its Quarterly Seminar.

Bleuwaters is a management and marketing consulting firm.

Oshodin, whose firm is committed to building and shaping businesses into profitable market players, leveraging technology, stated that foreigners still distrusted Nigerians when it came to taking investment decisions, but offered Pearly Bleuwaters International Limited, would synergise with other entities in the public and private sectors to erase whatever negative perceptions held about the country as he believes it is the best investment destination in Sub Saharan Africa.

Earlier in a presentation, Director of Operations at Pearly Bleuwaters International Limited, Joseph Ogunleye, stated among others, that his company’s value proposition will impact the businesses of multinationals and small, medium enterprises (SMEs) who could leverage the company’s highly customized solutions to take their businesses to higher grounds. He specifically mentioned the company’s enterprise resource planning (ERP)solutions that he says these organisations could deploy to access data that enables quick, sound and cost effective decisions.

One of the company’s solutions that could potentially disrupt the educational system is the Bleu Intellect which is a comprehensive, accessible and affordable management system targeted at private schools. With the system, schools are able to manage classrooms, observe students and staff, collect school fees, generate reports and invoices, pay staff, and more.

Pearly Bleuwaters International Limited is currently in talks with some state governments to achieve buy in into its comprehensive school management system, that authorities, parents and students will find attractive even as it fires from all cylinders to providing quality service to both local and foreign organizations with reputable and good track records of doing business.
By Clifford Agugoesi

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